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The personal podcast of comedian Louis Katz. There is no regular theme, topics, or co-host. He just talks about whatever he wants to talk about with whoever he wants to talk to, because he resents having to start a podcast in the first place.
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Jul 9, 2015

You may know Al Madrigal as the Daily Show's "Senior Latino Correspondent."  I know him as the "King of Confrontation" (actually, I just made that up, but whatever). Al's a dude who constantly calls people out on their bullshit and who, despite his small stature, will not back down from any one. Which leads to some pretty hilarious stories... 

Jul 2, 2015

I was getting a lot of requests from fans of the podcast to do a soup-themed episode.  So I trapped 3 comics in a van and forced them to talk soup. You wanted it, now you've got it: SOUP TALK w/ Karen Kilgariff, Drennon Davis, & Greg Edwards!!  

Jun 24, 2015

After briefly beefing on twitter about the newest wave of PC Culture that's sweeping the nation, my good friend Guy Branum ( and I sat down and discussed this issue in person like real people.

Jun 17, 2015

This week's guest is Marcella Arguello (, a very funny comedian from the 'Mo (Modesto).  Like me, she is a true hater.  I think that's why we get along so well.   

May 14, 2015

My tour of countries full of unexpressive white people with varying degrees of English comprehension continues!!

Last week, I did shows in Latvia, Estonia and Finland before heading to Saint Petersburg, Russia, for some much needed R&R.  

But before that, I was traveling around the Baltics with these guys:

Mantas Katleris, one of the biggest comedians in Lithuania, who performed in English for the very first time on this run, and Daniel Veinbergs, an Estonian comedian who turned 19 while we were on tour.

These guys were very funny and cool to hang with on the road.  And, they're making history as pioneers of stand up in their respective countries.  

May 5, 2015

The first leg of my 2015 European Comedy Tour is over!!

I had a blast performing throughout Sweden, and it's all because of one man: Stockholm-based comic and all-around good dude, Martin Soneby.  He put together my entire Swedish run and promoted the hell out of the shows on his own podcast, to the point that that his listeners got sick of hearing my name.  And his efforts paid off: we had 3 packed shows in Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm!  

At the very end of the run, we sat down to reflect on our little tour, and talk a bit about life and comedy in Sweden.   

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