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The personal podcast of comedian Louis Katz. There is no regular theme, topics, or co-host. He just talks about whatever he wants to talk about with whoever he wants to talk to, because he resents having to start a podcast in the first place.
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Dec 30, 2015

Chuck Sklar used to be my boss.  Then "Totally Biased" got canceled.  So now he's just my friend (huge downgrade for him).  But he's a very accomplished friend.  He starred in Louis CK's feature film "Tomorrow Night." He wrote for Bill Maher, Conan, and Chris Rock.  He has an Emmy.  

On this episode, he talks about his love of poker and getting his start as a stand-up during the Boston comedy scene's heyday.  

Dec 23, 2015

Bullshitting with Dwayne Kennedy was one of the highlights of working at Totally Biased.  He's a hilarious, both onstage and off. In this episode, we hate on NY, discuss the roots of the gun violence epidemic in Chicago, and wax nostalgic about our time at Totally Biased.


Dec 16, 2015

It's another classic LKP crossover episode featuring the very popular "Roundtable of Gentlemen" podcast.  I've been a guest on their show a bunch, and it's always a good time.  

There's a lot more people talking and the format is different than usual LKP episodes, with it.

This ep features:

Kevin Barnett

Ben Kissel

Ed Larson

Holden McNeely

Marcus Parks

Maria Wojciechowski




Dec 9, 2015

The thrilling conclusion of the epic 2 part podcast featuring the very hilarious Kaseem Bentley.

Nov 25, 2015

Kaseem Bentley is arguably the funniest comedian working in the Bay right now.  Partially because everyone else has moved away already.  But also because he's one of the most naturally hilarious dudes I've ever met. And he's at his best when he;s talking shit.

I sat with Kaseem in the lobby of my hotel in SF, handed him a mic, and he just flowed funny for over 2 hours straight.  So this is just the first half of a hilarious, 2 part episode featuring one of the world's greatest living haters, Kaseem Bentley.

Nov 18, 2015

Jeffrey Joseph ( is hilarious. I met him in NYC shortly after moving here. He had just started doing stand up...again, after a decade long sabbatical from comedy.

Always a pleasure to watch on stage, or talk to off stage, Jeffrey came to my Bushwick apartment where we chatted about gentrification and life in general.

Nov 13, 2015

Another crossover episode!!

Here me talk sexual politics with the hosts of the "It's About Us" podcast, Maria Heinegg, Rae Sanni & Jim Search. 

Nov 4, 2015

Comedy Icon/celebrity Todd Barry comes on LKP to discuss his 28 year anniversary in comedy and traveling. 

Oct 28, 2015

Part 2 of the story of my Grandpa moving as a very young man with his very young wife to a very young country (Israel).

Oct 21, 2015

My Grandpa was a part of the Zionist movement before Israel was a state.  Hear the story of growing up in the Socialist Zionist movement and the birth of the Jewish nation from someone who lived it.  Part 2 coming next week!

Oct 14, 2015

Grant Gordon is one of my closest friends, a very funny comedian, and my cohost on our old Brooklyn-based weekly comedy showcase, "Sack Magic" (R.I.P.).

He also has a thing for larger women.  A LOT larger.   

Oct 7, 2015

My friend Andrew is a professor now.  He used to be just a dude.  Now he's a professor.  But he's always been one of the smartest people I know, so I think you'll enjoy this awesome conversation we had on the road back from DC.

Sep 30, 2015

Comedian Greg Stone ( killed on his last LKP appearance (ep 22 w/ Anthony Devito), so when he invited me to smoke a bunch of weed and appear on the premier episode of his new podcast "Greg Stone-d," I jumped at the opportunity.  And I also asked if I could use the recording as an episode of my own podcast, too.

So this is a historical episode bc:

1) I'm high for the first time on the podcast.

2) It's the first crossover podcast episode of all time

3) It's also the premier episode of the "Greg Stone-d Podcast" 

4) Does anyone actually read this? Ass Lobsters.

Sep 23, 2015

Why do I interview so many of my friends on here?  Because I know cool people who do cool shit.  This week, my guests are two old college friends of mine, Busayo and Chitra.  Busayo started her own clothing line:  And Chitra has her own condiment company ( and her own cookbook coming out soon!

Sep 17, 2015

I've been a fan from afar of this week's guest, comedian Nick Mullen, for a while.  I enjoyed his epic trolling as alter ego "Nicole Mullen" on thought catalog, and found out he's also the man behind everyone's favorite website, .

I finally got a chance to sit down with him in NYC, and find out a little about the man behind the trolling.   

Sep 9, 2015

Have you are ever been walking through the NYC subway and spotted a band playing genre-defying intrumental music while wearing "Eyes Wide Shut"-esque masks?  Well, chances are, that was a band called "You Bred Raptors?"  I sat down with the band's core members, Bryan and Peat, and we compared and contrasted my life as a comedian with their lives as busking subway musicians.

Sep 3, 2015

The epic conclusion to the first 2 part episode in Louis Katz Podcast history!  Another hour of me and Guy Branum sipping champagne and talking shit. 

Aug 26, 2015

Guy Branum graciously shared with me the champagne he purchased to commemorate the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision.  We drank it, ate strawberries and chatted for so long that I decided to make this a 2-parter.  This episode (Part 1) includes a story about Guy's 1st trip to a gay bar and his 1st pride parade.

Aug 19, 2015

Sat down with two very old friends of mine, Zoe & Rebecca, when they were both 9 months pregnant to talk about...them being 9 months pregnant!  

Aug 12, 2015

I went to the Queens apartment of two of my favorite up-and-coming NYC comedians, Greg Stone and Anthony Devito, where we discussed how they grew up together in Jersey, action figures and child molesters.  This is a super funny one.  

Aug 6, 2015

This week's guest is a VERY old friend of mine.  Like super old.  Like 87.  It's my Grandpa! Hear him tell exciting tales of the world's 1st computer, living in Depression era Ohio, and moving to Boyle Heights (back when it was also el Jewish barrio) in LA!

Jul 29, 2015

I sat down with one of the best comedians in the business, Greg Fitzsimmons (, and we talked about comedy and fistfighting technique.   

Greg's one of my favorite comedians to watch.  He's constantly changing up his sets, and he had one of the greatest put downs of a heckler I've ever seen (he called a woman "9/11."  Quote: "You're not like 9/11, you ARE 9/11").

Jul 22, 2015

Jewish summer camp.  It's a rite of passage for many young Jews like myself.  To commemorate the 20 year anniversary of my time at Camp Alonim, I sat down with two close friends of mine from those days, Danny and Ben.  We talk camp memories, anal fissures, and life in general. 

Jul 9, 2015

You may know Al Madrigal as the Daily Show's "Senior Latino Correspondent."  I know him as the "King of Confrontation" (actually, I just made that up, but whatever). Al's a dude who constantly calls people out on their bullshit and who, despite his small stature, will not back down from any one. Which leads to some pretty hilarious stories... 

Jul 2, 2015

I was getting a lot of requests from fans of the podcast to do a soup-themed episode.  So I trapped 3 comics in a van and forced them to talk soup. You wanted it, now you've got it: SOUP TALK w/ Karen Kilgariff, Drennon Davis, & Greg Edwards!!  

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